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When it came to buying a digital camera, I held off longer than any of my friends. I didn’t care about the features, the megapixels, the sleek new designs, the memory cards… All I cared about what the photograph. Could I hold it? Could I frame it? Could I incorporate it into a collage? And unless you’re printing on photo paper, the answer is always a big fat no.

On regular paper, the colors and depth of your image fall flat on the page. Plus, when you pick it up, it doesn’t even feel like a photo.

Fortunately, photo paper allows you to experience the best of both traditional and digital photography. I get the satisfying feeling of holding my art in my hands, and the flexibility of digital cameras. (As it turns out, those megapixels are pretty cool.)

But wait, isn’t all photo paper expensive? I used to think so, but then I found, a website that specializes in paper for the printing of photography, art, and even film and video—all at a great price! Whether you’re shopping for casual use or looking for professional photo paper, you’d better zoom in on Photo Paper Plus.

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Remember the good old days when we used to sit around the table and look at our family photos? Yup. These were the days. I certainly miss the good old times we had, sharing memories and moments together. But now it’s all about digital photography, and it’s not that we don’t take photos anymore, it’s just that they are all stored on the computer and we never get the chance to view them together, if at all.

But the fact that photography has gone digital doesn’t mean we have to skip the album part. Heck, all you need is a photo, a computer and a printer. Oh, and the last thing you probably want is a good quality photo paper.

Printing your images on an office paper won’t do of course. It doesn’t look any good and will fade away as time goes by. When planning to print and develop photos at home, you need PhotoPaperPlus as your photo paper provider.

At you’ll find the best Inkjet Photo Paper, Inkjet Art Paper and Inkjet Film and Vinyl for your specialty prints, and all at low low prices.

Go ahead, make your memories last and make them look good! Visit us today at PhotoPaperPlus and don’t forget to check out this blog for more news, deals, and photo paper tips!