Advertise Your Business with Large Format Paper

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If you are a small business owner, you may have realized that advertising is the life-force behind getting customers. No matter what your business is, if you aren’t advertising across various mediums, you probably aren’t going to have much success. But a good ad campaign, often comes at high-price. However, if you take matters into your own hands and print your own posters using large format paper, you can end up saving a bundle.

Guerilla marketing, often referred to as wild posting, is a great way to cheaply spread the word about your product. It involves printing your creative poster on large format paper, and posting them in succession in places with a lot of foot traffic. These work great in urban areas where people are more out and about.

To make your large format paper posters a success, you need a creative and graphic concept that really catches the consumer’s eye and makes them want to implore further about your company and what you do.

Make Your Own Photo Sticker with Adhesive Vinyl Sheets

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With your PC, some adhesive vinyl sheets and an inkjet printer, you can make your very own photo stickers. Photo Stickers can be great gifts when personalized, can be a fun project for you and your family to work on together, and they are also a great way to advertise your business. Whether you want to print a special message, a funny photo, or someone’s name, photo stickers can really add a personal touch to a gift.

How to Create Stickers with Adhesive Vinyl Sheets:
Select Flip, Mirror, Reverse, or Back Print in the printer set-up just as you would do if you were setting up and iron on T-shirt Transfer Paper

You should test the design you want before you print it out on the adhesive vinyl sheets. Do a test run on a standard piece of paper and make sure it looks how you like it.

Next, set your printer to Transfer, Glossy, Photo, or Transparency mode. You want to print your design on the vinyl side of the adhesive vinyl sheets.

Pull it out of the printer gently, being careful not to smear the design and lay it somewhere flat so it can dry.

When it’s dry it’s ready to hang and enjoy!

The Many Uses of Inkjet Glossy Photo Paper

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Despite it’s name, Inkjet glossy photo paper is extremely versatile for just about any printing project. Whether you’re purchasing some for serious work-related projects, or just to print out your vacation shots, Inkjet glossy photo paper has you covered.
Here are a few projects that Inkjet Glossy Photo Paper is perfect for:

For Business:
• Brochures
• Flyers
• Mailings
• Product Inserts

When printing these types of promotion materials, glossy photo paper is great because it’s slightly stiff, yet easy to fold, and it really makes the images stand out and pop. It’s best to out your brochure in software you own and are familiar with like Photoshop or Publisher. These programs often have tons of features that allow you to seamlessly make professional looking, colorful, image-filled promotional materials.

For Pleasure:
• Post Cards
• Thank You Cards
• Photo Calendars
• Scrapbooking

Glossy photo paper is great for creative projects. Again, because of it’s stiffness and ability to make the image clear and vivid, it perfect for photo related craft projects like scrapbooking and photo calendars. Making your own post cards and Thank You cards has never looked better, than with glossy photo paper.

For Professional Printing Results Use Premium Matte Photo Paper

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Printing from home can be pretty tricky if you don’t have the right kind of paper. But with the huge selection of different papers to choose from, finding the paper you need is often easier said than done. Regardless, printing paper isn’t something that most people can afford to go through the trial and error process with, so they want to find the right one on the first try.

When in doubt, premium matte photo paper is the way to go. This paper features a highly smooth surface with a good stiffness, perfect for professional prints. If you’re looking for vibrant colorful graphics and photos, this paper will most definitely deliver. Its micro porous surface makes ink absorption smoother, creating ripple free graphics and text. The matte finish makes it perfect for printing professional photos, posters, and other graphic or text projects. Premium matte photo paper usually dries almost instantly, which is great if you need it in a hurry or want it laminated.

If you’re interested in a more eco-friendly premium matte photo paper, you should check out InkPress Eco-Matte. This heavy, high-resolution paper with instant drying properties is made under the specific guidelines for sustainable resources that prohibit the conversion of forests for industrial purposes and the use of hazardous chemicals in the manufacturing process.