Inkjet glossy photo paper vs. Premium matte photo paper – Which is right for you?

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I take a lot of photographs – for family, for work, for pleasure. And when I want to print them out, it’s important to have the right kind of paper. If you’re anything like me, you want to know exactly what you’re buying and for a long time I wasn’t quite sure. So I’ve done a little bit of research between inkjet glossy photo paper and premium matte photo paper, so that you can decide what kind of photo quality inkjet paper you want for your printing needs.

Inkjet glossy photo paper is sleek and usually has a glare. Premium matte photo paper is not as shiny, and will feel slightly different. Premium matte photo paper is usually better if you are printing any text in a photograph, but for more macro shots you would probably want to print on inkjet glossy photo paper.

It’s important to buy heavy paper so that your photos do not buckle and look muddy. Usually this costs a bit extra but if you really want quality photos you know what it’s worth. Besides, the best place to go for affordable photo quality inkjet paper is They have everything you need for printing out the best photos possible.

Try Before Your Buy with Samples of Large Format Paper

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Most people prefer to shop for paper online because it's the easiest way to browse a large selection and hunt for the best bargains. That being said, it's hard to know what kind of paper you actually want until you try it out. How black will your blacks look on this inkjet glossy photo paper? Will that brand of matte paper flatter your art?

Fortunately, most online photo paper distributors are willing to send you a couple of sample sheets so you can try out their products for yourself, offline. This way, you can see how your images will show up on a specific type of paper, in addition to noticing other factors, like how shiny a particular brand of glossy is.

If you're really looking to explore your options, you might enjoy ordering a sample pack of large format paper or photo quality inkjet paper. Available for around $10, these packs can contain as many as 20 different samples for you to try out. Whether you're looking for glossy, matte, or adhesive vinyl sheets, it's all in there!

The Best Greeting Cards Using Inkjet Glossy Photo Paper!

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There’s one I think really like about holidays and birthdays and that’s making the greeting cards by myself! Now you can also make brilliantly beautiful greeting cards by yourself and all it takes is using the right paper.

I usually get some paper of my choice, like inkjet glossy photo paper or premium matte photo paper and create my own greeting cards. You can either create the same cards for everyone or you can create individually customized cards.

So first you should choose the paper - either the premium matte photo paper or the inkjet glossy photo paper. Next, you need to find a computer program that helps you make greetings at home, I suggest something like Photoshop or Corel.

Next, you need to create your card, which is THE most fun ever. Choose from various fonts and colors, pictures and themes, your mind is the only thing limiting you now! After you're done designing your card, simply print it out using photo quality inkjet paper, cut it or fold it where it needs to be cut or folded and voila, you just made a card! It's really that easy.

To find some of our best photo quality inkjet paper for your own greeting cards or to find large format paper for your photos or adhesive vinyl sheets for your business or for entertainment, check our website out!

What You Need To Know Before You Buy Inkjet Photo Paper

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When it comes time for you to print out your photos using quality inkjet photo paper, there are a few things you need to know. It might seem a little confusing at first considering all the different papers available, but once you understand what each one will be for or what the end result will be, its easier to buy the paper you need. There are four things you need to look at; the finish of the paper, the weight, the caliper and the brightness of the paper. First off, you have to consider the opacity. Is the paper see through?

The higher the papers opacity, the less the ink will bleed through and if you are printing photos, you especially want to make sure it has a high opacity. Second off, the brightness. Photo papers start at 1 and end at 100. The perfect photo quality inkjet paper is going to be at about 90. If possible, try to compare two different papers side by side for a comparison to decide which one to use. White paper is not all the same! Next, the weight of the paper - which will be stated in pounds. Each type of paper is going to have its own weight.

Bond papers will usually have 24 to 71 lbs. Heavier paper is usually the better way to go with something like photos. Next, the caliper, is going to be the thickness of the paper. If you want better ink coverage, look for a thicker paper like 4.3mil to 10.4 mil. Photo paper is going to be at about 7-10mils. Now you move on to the various types of paper. For premium matte photo paper, this paper will have a non-shiny look and appear soft yet non-reflective. Premium matte photo paper is much thicker that regular paper and may be printer on both sides of the paper.

For inkjet glossy photo paper, this is going to be the exact opposite of matte. It will have a shiny finish to it, like that of most photographs when you get them developed at a photo store. This is usually the more common paper used for photography, but the choice is yours! You can also choose from large format paper as well, this is great for those of you with a large format printer if you want to do things like large photos, murals and posters! Lastly, you have adhesive vinyl sheets. These sheets are used for things like banners, posters, and usually come in rolls rather than stacks like the other papers. This type of paper is also better for indoor or outdoor use.