Art Photo Printing Made Easy

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Large format paper is good to use, especially when you really want to emphasize a piece’s importance. That goes from advertising to specialty photos that require a big frame. Some photos look better on your camera, and then you realize that the photo may not be worth printing on large format paper, or maybe it would be better printed on inkjet glossy photo paper. In the same way that your camera has different settings, photographs can be better suited to different kinds of printing.

If you’re like me, you take photos when you go to a museum of some of your favorite works. If this is the case, printing them out can deliver better results than buying any poster of the painting at the museum gift shop. Sometimes they don’t even have a poster of the painting I like. You can use large format paper to print your photos, or you can buy special inkjet fine art paper. The latter is great for your own works too because it provides double siding so that you can showcase your photos, no matter what you’re printing.

For all of your photo printing needs, from inkjet glossy photo paper to premium matte photo paper to adhesive vinyl sheets, has everything you could possibly need.

A Contemporary Photographer's Tricks of the Trade

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I’m a photographer and my practice is dictated not just by what I want to sell, but what I deem worthy of being sold. There are a lot of aspects to photography in this day and age that determine the quality of a photo – no longer is it simply the ability to find the right scene.

When I take photos, I like to really immerse myself in my environment. I don’t want to be seen by my subjects because I want to capture the most natural human interactions. If I’m shooting a landscape, then I often wait until just the right moment to shoot, and waiting for that long usually means getting comfortable and not being disturbed.

Then, I determine which shots to keep on my computer. Photography is a game of chance, the more photos you take, the more chances you have of having great photos. After doing some basic photo editing with PhotoShop, I’ll print out my favorites on inkjet glossy photo paper. If I have some really macro shots, I’ll use inkjet glossy photo paper, otherwise I use photo quality inkjet paper, just to get an idea of whether or not I really want to print a shot on large format paper, and sell it in my gallery.

Home Printing Photos: A Moment

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You print out a favorite photo on inkjet glossy photo paper and as the printer chugs and huffs, you see the bottom of the print that you desire. The ink distribution is perfect and you can’t wait until it’s finished. It takes about a minute and a half to print the whole thing, as if that were a long time, and for us in our computer age of immediacy and instant email responses, it is. It was worth the wait though.

You hold it up to the light to examine it, and it’s perfect – exactly the way it looked on the computer, except larger, and tangible. Inkjet glossy photo paper is the best way to print these macro shots, you decide, and for photos with print or black and whites, the right choice is probably premium matte photo paper.

Who knew that printing photos could be so easy? Now to start thinking about large format paper for that poster sized photograph you wanted to give your little brother for his birthday. That picture of him sitting in a purple Lamborghini when he was ten that he’s definitely forgotten about. That’s the one. Those nostalgic photos are the best on inkjet glossy photo paper.

Buying Professional Photo Paper Has Never Been Easier

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Photo quality inkjet paper is important if you want to shoot and develop your own photographs. The kind of paper you use can make all the difference in how your photo turns out. For example, there’s premium matte photo paper, inkjet glossy photo paper, large format paper and photo quality inkjet paper.

For the best resolution, you probably want to go with inkjet glossy photo paper. This paper has a nice sheen to give your photos that lab quality that can be so difficult to come by when you’re printing at home. It’s of a solid weight that facilitates printing with large amounts of ink and doesn’t buckle or muddle your details. If, on the other hand, you’re printing something with a lot of text, but you still want photo clarity, premium matte photo paper works exceptionally well. Also heavy and shiny, the matte prevents colors bleeding and preserves high detail.

If you want to print photographs that are worthy of being hung on your wall, you can’t compromise your materials. That’s why it’s important to choose paper from the professional photo supply company: If you have any questions about what kind of paper is right for you, just call at 718-438-9300 for customer service that can’t be beat.