What's The Best Printer For Large Format Paper?

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If you're an artist or professional who prints on large format paper, you may be interested in a comparison test done informally on two leading wide format printers, the new HP Z3100 challenger and the Epson 9800.

Right away, rest easy: these two printers are both capable of the highest image quality currently available. There were visible differences in the results tested on exactly the same large format paper, but they were really only visible when prints were viewed critically side-by-side. In a blind test in a gallery, even those of us who performed the test were hard-pressed to claim which printer made which print.

We felt that the debate on image quality differences came down to quibbling. The better questions were related to reliability, ergonomics and user interface. Which is to say: we've all been in a production environment where a client is waiting for prints and the printer has a jammed paper feed or clogged heads. Which one would be better in a pinch?

Our staff was split down the middle. If you're looking for a high end large format paper printer, either one of these will probably knock your socks off.

Adhesive Vinyl Sheets, You Rock

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Back in the day, people interested in DIY sticker or decal making used contact paper. You remember the stuff your grandmother lined her shelves with? There was a mildly complicated process to make sure the paper was sticky enough, glossy enough, waterproof enough. It was fun, if you're into messy projects (I was), but it's no wonder not many people got into it.

Want to know the secret to today's DIY sticker and decal projects? Drum roll, please!
Adhesive vinyl sheets.

Maybe you were hoping for something more dramatic, but adhesive vinyl sheets are where it's at when it comes to printing your own stickers or decals.

As an art school student turned producer for local indie bands, I've started to think of adhesive vinyl sheets as my best friend. If I've gone to the trouble of printing a postcard for a show, and then we need to change the date, or use leftovers for another show, I just print new stickers for the back of the postcard and voila, problem solved.

Ditto for promotional stickers! I love this stuff. If you're still using contact paper, let me just say, the glory days of sticker making are now, my friend. Join the fun.